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I have a passion for food and all that it brings to our lives, emotionally, physically and historically. In both worlds the stories we tell have the ability to connect, influence, and transform.

Thinking local is how business will make a difference in the community, How we affect our community for the better will influence global issues in the long term.

The power of dreams and the possibilities they hold are available to all of us. Taking a chance, looking beyond and with heart takes courage, and engagement is the only possible way to effect positive change. We all want a better world to live in.

In 1998 I graduated from The Chef School at Toronto's George Brown College; going on to work as a chef in Italy and Canada. Now I combine a love of communicating with my passion for cooking and food while continuing to be involved in Toronto's local food scene.

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  1. Hello Deborah, 

    I love your blog! Nicely done.

    I have just completed a book on spices I hope you will have a look at and share with your readers. It's free!

    Information about 61 different spices. Read how allspice can help keep you warm this winter or how star anise takes tomato sauces to a whole new level. You will learn new things about some spices you know and some that you never heard of. “SPICE” includes:
    - photos with descriptions of each spice for easy recognition
    - cooking tips for each spice
    - the health benefits of each spice
    - easy and delicious recipes

    download page:
    (Note: please share the download link to the landing page provided here so we can build an email list.)

    You may also want to check out our website, a labour of love, — all about spices. We are also Canadian!

    Barry Mortin
    The Epicentre