Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zane Caplansky's Toronto Food Truck War

Zane Caplansky's Toronto Food Truck War: "For two years Zane Caplansky has fought for the right of food trucks to park on Toronto streets. In the wake of last week’s announcement of a pilot project to allow some trucks to park in a handful of city parks, Caplansky wrote an Op-Ed piece for The Toronto Star that ran with the headline Toronto’s food trucks driven into the ditch. The piece hit a chord and resonated among the 80% of Torontonians who would like to food trucks on their streets, with nearly 200 comments posted on its online version. Unlike most of Toronto’s beleaguered food truck operators, Caplansky (has a) dual perspective of also being a restaurateur. I caught up with him on the patio of his College Street delicatessen to shoot the video below and talk about where the city stands on the food truck issue, and what he’s going to do next to make Thunderin’ Thelma street legal."

Courtesy of Good Food Revolution's Malcolm Jolly @malcolmjolley

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