Friday, July 5, 2013

From my friends at "Fantastic CrowdFunding Video by El Gastronomo Vagabundo"

Fantastic CrowdFunding Video by El Gastronomo Vagabundo -

"Our friends need your help. If you want to jump to their campaign, you can click here – but why not read on and find out why first?

The world of crowd-funding is so competitive these days – we personally know of at least 5 worthy projects that have current campaigns on and choosing one to throw our support behind is difficult; but we know that posting 5 crowd-funding projects in a month is bound to dilute the support for all of them.

Our decision to support El Gastro and their Genny-Jar is for many reasons. The biggest is that we think you’ll be entertained by their musical plea and smiles aren’t always free!

Here’s their sharp campaign video. Watch this before reading the other reasons we support and love this effort:"

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