Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Conscious Food Fest in Toronto

Toronto Tasting Notes earlier today blogged about the Conscious Food Festival and posted on Twitter where I found it. I think this could be a seminal event for Canadians supporting local sustainable food producers across the country. The Conscious Food Festival's inaugural event will take place at Toronto's historic Fort York site. Although participant details for the event are still in the works I believe this is an event to keep an eye on. With the likes of Chef Jeff Crump of Ancaster Old Mill, Banff's Ryan Rivard owner of The Bison Restaurant and the folks from Everdale Environmental and Power Juncture involved Conscious Food Festival is sure to be a success!

If you're interested in becoming a vendor or you just want to attend go to for more information.

Saturday September 26th 11:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday September 27th 11:00am - 8:00pm

Historic Fort York
100 Garrison Road (near the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds)
Toronto, ON

The Founders:

Scott Rondeau and Emma Brown of the Power Juncture Corporation founded the Conscious Food Festival. They are also the founders of the Toronto Wine and Spirit Festival (June 19 & 20, 2009 – Distillery District). Scott Rondeau is also the co-founder of Toronto’s Festival of Beer.

The nine person organizing committee includes:

- Jeff Crump, Executive Chef The Ancaster Old Mill, Ancaster ON
- Ryan Rivard, Owner The Bison Restaurant & Lounge, Banff AB
- Brendan Johnson, Executive Director Everdale Environmental Learning Centre, Hillsburg ON
- Scott Rondeau, Co-founder of the Conscious Food Festival & President of The Power Juncture Corporation
- Emma Brown, Co-founder of the Conscious Food Festival

Conscious Food Festival Manifesto

The evolution of civilization is under way. Canadians are opening to change. Most of us now know that the consequences of our lifestyles are impactful and are accelerating. The time has come to take the dialogue about sustainability to the next level. We can do this in many ways, but it’s the small things that add up…small changes really can make a difference.

The Conscious Food Festival will focus on everyday behaviour and habits with the understanding that lifestyles must evolve. To this end, the Conscious Food Festival is about helping achieve truly sustainable communities by educating people in an area that everyone is involved in every single day… Food.

The following are considerations when deliberating vendors, sponsors and partners for the Festival.

Our Mission: To inspire consumers to have a clear, guiding philosophy through which they can mediate between their sometimes competing identities as an environmentally conscious person and a consumer.
Our Initiative: Helping people evolve healthier, more sustainable lifestyles.
Our Manifesto: These are Guidelines and although our goal is to adhere to as many as possible it is understood that companies (like our event and manifesto)… will evolve.

The manifesto Committee will vote based on these guidelines building a 5 and 10 year plan.

  • Company considers a strong connection between plate and plane
  • Company makes an effort to limit/reduce/eliminate foot print
  • Company is Local‐ if company is not local they will be considered if they purchase Carbon Off‐Setting Credits from our list of Carbon Off‐Setting Associations/Companies
  • Company considers Natural – that products are produced in a clean way thatdoes not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health
  • Company considers Healthy – conducive to good health
  • Company considers Delicious – that the food we eat tastes good/is pleasing to
  • the senses
  • Company is Socially Responsible
  • Company is Socially Accountable
  • Company makes sustainable lifestyles more convenient and attractive in their work place; does the company utilize the three R’s (Reduce Recycle, Reuse) in their operations/philosophy through to production
  • Company has “Green” initiatives
  • Does the company use materials that are non‐toxic
  • Does the Company have products that have been ethically produced
  • Company practices what they preach, starting with their own day to day lives.

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